Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shared 30th Birthday Invitation

My Daughter and her friend Nick, were both 30th last year, so decided they were going to have a joint birthday bash.  They rented a large 12 bedroom house so they could enjoy the weekend with friends and family.

We travelled up to see the house a few weeks before the party weekend to see the rooms (and plan who would sleep where) also to take photos.  I used this photo of them at the main door for the front of the invitation, (invite had four pages). I know it looks like they are getting engaged or married but they are just best friends...honest....

The next page had the address and time with details of their room.
I made the key fobs using a spellbinder die and the key I cut using my Cricut.
On the Saturday night they hired caterers, so we added the menu, so the guests could choose their starter and main meal prior to the weekend.

Everyone had a great time, and my Daugher, Sarah and her friend were very happy with the invitations. 

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