Thursday, 17 July 2014

Poster for a Temple

Hello Bloggers.  

My future Daughter-in-law (Vandi), asked me if I could help her make a poster for her Temple.  Vandi brought me a copy of one they had before which was a photo copy of flowers.  So I thought it would be nice to have a 3D poster and set about making quite a lot of flowers.  The post was A3 in size. The literal translation is "worship of the guru". Guru means 'master" and in this instance is being used to refer to god as the master.

 I used the following Dies:-
Spellbinders Dies- 
Anemone Flower Topper
Rose Creations
Gold Elements - The four corners
Les Papillion - butterflies
Jewels & Flourishes - small butterfly
Heartfelt Creations die-
Delicate Asters
Gems - from my stash
I cut the letters using my cricut machine - I have had my machine for quite a few years and only used it about three or four times, because I love my Grand Calibre.

Thank you for stopping by xx Sally


  1. Now that really is a colourful, Spellbinder 3D creation Sally!
    You've made a fabulous job of it, and I'm sure your future dil was thrilled....something completely different too.
    Janice x

  2. Thank you Janice, Yes she was very pleased with it, and so were the people at her temple. X Sally

  3. Hi Sally, I agree with Janice (wonderful name that LOL !!), this is a really colourful creation. Well done as it must have been hard to add so many colours and variations. Janice xx

    1. Thank you Janice, Yes it was hard using so many different bright colours, I don't normally mix so may colours. x Sally

  4. It's really beautiful and bright Sally, I am very impressed and I bet it was well received.
    Well done
    Sue xx

  5. Thank you Sue, My future daughter-in-Law said they loved it, she was very happy with it.

  6. This is really bright and cheerful. I'm sure that it was appreciated. A great poster Sally! Must have taken ages to put all those flowers together.
    Jeanette x