Monday, 15 August 2016

Hello Bloggers,

Thank you for looking in.  Well it is only 5 days since my last posting,  that's not bad, seen as it was 2 years prior to x

Well I had a busy few days,  my partner (Neil) has a brother who was 70 at the weekend.  He had a big family gathering for lunch on Sunday in Bristol.  Lovely hotel and a lovely lunch, until it came to us leaving at 5pm, only to find the police had closed the roads (including the carpark where our car was parked) in and around the centre of Bristol, because of a suspicious car which had be illegally parked outside the police station.  So we had to wait for the bomb disposal crew to deal with the car before the roads were re opened, at 7:30pm...Neil's brother will certainly remember his 70th.

Anyway back to crafting. Neil asked me to make his brother a card, which had to included a picture of a class 70 train (both brothers are train mad)!

I decided to make the card with a champagne bottle on, the card was an A4 size card, which is a size I don't normally make.  The label has the picture of the train (70 class, as requested) and the rest of the labelling has his age and name.

 The bottle shape was from an old template I have had for a few years but never used...I knew it would come in handy one day.

I have more cards to make, I think  I will make some stitched cards, so look in again to see what I have done.

bye x


  1. This is a lovely card, I bet it was well loved, also I have been looking at the Groovi cards, they are lovely, I am also hooked on them, looking forward to seeing some of your stitched cards. Love Sue xx

    1. Hello Sue
      Thank you for your kind words. I have still been stitching cards, I have also included stitching on some Groovi cards.
      Hope all is well with you xx Sally x