Saturday, 3 September 2016

Stitched Pattered Greeting Cards

Hello All Blog Readers,  Thank you for stopping by.

Well here we are in the month of September!  I'm not sure where the time is going, the year is whizzing by.

Today I thought I would show you some cards I have stitched.  

I tend to make a few of these at a time.  I normally just stitch a pattern but not make it into a card (which is why I mainly stitch onto white card), until I know who it will be for or for what occasion.  The ones I am showing here are all birthday cards, but some are for special birthdays.

Depending on the stitched pattern of the card, I sometimes colour in between the stitching to highlight the picture.  In this card, I thought it looked better with the rose, leaves, quill feather and ink well coloured.  I used pencils for this.

I did not colour this card.  I had used some thicker threads for the owl, so felt this was all it needed.

However, this card I thought need a bit of colouring, but kept it light.

I hope you've enjoyed looking through some of my stitched cards.  If anyone would like to know where I got the patterns from or which dies I used to mount the card onto, just leave me a comment and will let you know.

Enjoy your weekend
Sally x


  1. Hi Sally, beautifully stitched cards.....look even better in real life!! Janice xx